One Pillar Stool

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Stool
  • Designer
    Vincent Lee
  • School
    Meiji University

One Pillar is a stool. It was inspired during the trip in Hanoi, Vietnam in June 2018. There was one main inspiration for me to design it. The inspiration was the architecture shape of One Pillar Pagoda in Hanoi, Vietnam. The whole structure of One Pillar stool is developed from One Pillar Pagoda’s architecture style. One Pillar Pagoda is actually one of Vietnam’s two most iconic temples located in Hanoi. One Pillar is fused with architectural and historical elements inside the design. It can help re-bring out the architecture & construction aesthetics of One-Pillar Pagoda in Hanoi.

In this project, One Pillar Stool was used a design method "Architecture Furniturzation", which is called by Vincent himself. There is a close and abstract relationship between architecture and furniture. Architecture itself is around the world. Mankind can see it and feel it, having different thoughts towards architecture. "Architecturized Furniture" is somehow to represent another kind of spirituality of architecture, which maybe different from the real one.

Vincent is currently one international master research-student of Architecture & Urban Design at Meiji University in Tokyo, under supervision of Japanese Post-Metabolist architect Masami Kobayashi and Tokyo-based French architect Manuel Tardits to complete his study. He graduated his bachelor degree at City University of Hong Kong in 2015. His project experience was over interior project, furniture project, architectural design project, town/urban planning project, and building management project. He loves art, oil painting, traveling, reading and sketching.

Other prizes
-MIX Chair, Furniture Design Competition 2018 Winner, Innovative Furniture Design, Hong Kong Design Institute, Hong Kong -T Chair, Honorable Mention, Furniture & Lighting, Product Design DNA Paris Design Awards 2019, Paris, France -Capra Chair, Honorable Mention, Furniture & Lighting, Product Design DNA Paris Design Awards 2019, Paris, France -One Pillar Stool, 2nd Award, Product Design, International Architecture Awards 2019, The Architecture Community -Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship 2019, JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization), Japan -New-Angkor Coffee Table, Honorable Mention in Installation Art, London International Creative Competition (LICC) 2019, London, U.K. -One Pillar Stool, Finalist, 2020 Spark Design Award: Spring Student, New York, USA