Dyadic Float

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Designer & Custom Lighting
  • Designer
    Sarah Tracton
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Dr Ian Watkins
  • Photo Credit
    Jorge de Araujo
  • School
    Sarah Tracton Studio
  • Location
    Melbourne, Australia
  • Project Date
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Dyadic Float is a handcrafted porcelain light that is a fusion of traditional ceramic techniques, fine art and cordless design technology. Dyadic Float has an innovative cordless design, where the light hangs purely by suspension wire, creating a seamless and minimalist visual aesthetic.

As a back-to-back porcelain sheet box light, it incorporates the Kintsugi golden joinery technique, a process of repair, recycle and reuse which combats the environmental impacts of wastage. The blue/green side has broken due to friction that naturally occurs during the firing process, and the other red/orange remains intact.

Kintsugi repair technique restores what was a piece of trash into a functional light. The porcelain reveals a luminous, translucent ambient light that is both functional and ambient. The scars and cracks of the broken ceramic become the focus, transforming this light into one of a kind exquisite work of art, where the broken ceramic becomes entirely unique as glowing rivulets of gold.

Sarah Tracton is an award winning multidisciplinary fine artist and bespoke lighting designer. A graduate of the National Art School in Sydney, she has built a reputation for using innovative ceramic techniques to create bespoke handcrafted lighting that is an intersection of fine art, craft and functional design. She fuses innovative cordless technologies with traditional craft processes to create lighting that emits exquisitely luminous and ethereal outcomes when paired with LEDs. She uses Kintsugi golden repair technique, in line with the ethos of circular economy in combating wastage.

Other prizes
Good Design Award Winner, 2021 Creative Victoria, Creators Fund Award, 2021 VIVID Design + Decor - Finalist in Concept and Colour, 2019/20/21 Workshopped19 Australian Design Centre - Finalist Interior Design Excellence Award in Furniture & Objevt (Rising) Finalist - 2020/21 Macquarie Group Emerging Artist Prize - Peoples Choice Award Craft Victoria Award, 2018 Contemporary Art Awards - Finalist, 2018 Klytie Platt Award and Exhibition - Finalist, 2018 North Queensland Ceramics Prize - Finalist, 2017 Make It Award, MakerSpace Sydney - Finalist, 2016 Australian Association of Ceramics Prize for 3rd Year - National Art School, 2015