The Ambassador Chair

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Furniture Design
  • Company/Firm
    Designed With Purpose
  • Designer
    Mark Plakotoris
  • Location
    Baltimore MD
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The Ambassador chair has a bold stance that commands the attention of anyone who catches a glimpse. Highlighting negative space, the soft cushions appear to float above the complex walnut frame. True to its namesake, the chair is a strong and polished representative of distinguished individuals. One role of the Ambassador chair is to enable and sustain friendly conversion in a comfortable setting, all while keeping a low profile.

The bent plywood seat is upholstered in violet Italian wool and hand stitched back panel punctuates the tapered edge. Seat and back can be easily removed with concealed set screws for future reupholstery or swapping of colors.

Hand shaped out of locally sourced solid walnut, the frame features six bent wood components to maximize strength and enable a light slender frame. Bending solid wood allows the grain to run parallel throughout the length of each part, running directly into the joints. This prevents the wood from shearing when used overtime. Although the chair only weights 4.3kg, its joinery is made to never fail. All connections add strength back to the chair, utilizing a housed mortise and tenon construction to maintain the clean aesthetic.

Designed With Purpose produces original pieces of furniture and lighting for a modern home, without compromising a timeless style. Every piece is made from raw materials in our shop in Baltimore, Maryland. Each one of our pieces has been iteratively designed from the ground up. We consider everything from height, grain patterns, joinery, comfort, to how it gets to your home. Every fastener and piece of hardware we choose has been tested and installed with the upmost care to ensure it functions well.