• Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design
  • Designer
    Ian van Loo, Leon Butt
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Menthors: red. prof. Nada Maticic, prof. dr. Dragan Calovic, Tjasa Caks, m.i.a.
  • School
    Faculty of Design
  • Location
    Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Project Date
    conceptual design

Pavilion underneath the bridge

In Gradascica park, where the location of the project is set, water is located there and we want to use it as our main interest for the relaxation aspect.The park contains mainly grass, this invites the visitor to go and relax on the grass. The space underneath the bridge is not an ‘inviting’ space to relax. This is why we would like to design our pavilion here, so that way this space is also inviting and becomes one with the ambiance of rest of the park. The park is mostly used by people to play with their dog. So the grass space is already used a lot. We want to design something in a space that doesn’t get used a lot and that has some potential. We could use the bridge as a part of our construction, this way our design really integrates with the surroundings It‘s half covered by the bridge and half open. So there‘s still some light influence.