Kiju chair

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Furniture Design
  • Company/Firm
    Tatiisu Ltd,
  • Designer
    Masaya Ogiyama
  • Photo Credit
    Kazuo Amano
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When viewed from the side, the back legs of the chair form the number "77".

In Japan, the celebration of turning 77 years old is called "Kiju" and it celebrates longevity.

This Kiju chair was designed by designer Ogiyama for his father's 77th birthday, with wishes for a long and healthy life.

Its distinctive back legs absorb force like a spring as you sit in the chair.

The Kiju chair has been individually crafted with care by Japanese craftsmen, making best use of Japanese timber from forest thinning.

Studied graphics at a design school in Nagoya and worked in the graphics field, while also practicing and working with sports instructors, caregivers, furniture shops, etc., and learning about the structure of the human body and structural mechanics in order to research the idea of tatiitsu.

TATIISU aims to reduce the time elderly people spend in bed,
and also offers a much healthier alternative to sitting for both the aged and the general population

Other prizes
German Design Award 2018 Winner European Product Design Award 2019 International Design Award 2020