• Prize
    Winner in Chaise longue
  • Company/Firm
    Zomorrodi & Associates
  • Designer
    Shahrooz Zomorrodi
  • Location
  • Project Date

Voyage chaise longue was created to show the world the best way to compilation modernity and old school design . this art piece with new perspective to the old design concepts and changing our all time ways of seating ,was the big move toward furniture design .Voyage chaise longue , with its own specific minimal details and design , was created to provide the user different way of seating and relaxing . Its measurements and dimensions are completely standard dimensions, in a way that user will feel comfortable enough . the main concept while designing the voyage is inspired by the middle eastern life style and seating habit and lounging on the ground . after many days investigating on the middle eastern life style and editing it in a way so that user will be able to feel more comfortable than seating on the ground with the best and standard slope according to the human body ergonomic , voyage chaise longue was obtained . This chaise longue is not only a furniture , but also an art piece similar to the painting canvas standing on the holder , therefore user can have a furniture which can also be used as a decorative object .

I'm a designer who spend lots of time being inspired by the creation moment which everything became possible. Only a pencil and blank sheets could tell the story, the moments surrounds me.
This Page is a way to share the feeling throughout designs.

Other prizes
-IDA design awards 2017, Bronze -IDA APDC 2018 , winner -LICC 2019 , Honorable mention -ARCHITECTURE MASTER PRIZE 2020 , Honorable mention