• Prize
    Winner in Chair
  • Company/Firm
    Hamari Auditorium Furniture
  • Designer
    Philip Kronqvist
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When everything unnecessary is stripped off, the essential emerges.
Mono chair takes up little space but meets all the requirements of a good auditorium chair in terms of appearance, ergonomics and functionality. When closed, the chair is only 4,7 inch deep and forms graphic, almost sculptural shape. Unique lever mechanism for seat and armrests makes them rise synchronously by one movement. Mono complies a wide range of needs.
Thanks to its very solid construction, it is a full-blooded seat for variety premises. Compact size gives extra space and allows more chairs in the room, which increases the use of space. Mono is also suitable for lounges, hallways or other confined rooms that are difficult to find furniture for.

Mono chair designed by Philip Kronqvist for Hamari appears as a rectangular case and opens into a back, seat and armrest with only one movement