• Prize
    Winner in Chair
  • Company/Firm
    Kiltro Polaris Arch
  • Designer
    Victor Imre Ebergenyi Kelly
  • Other Credit
    Sebastian Romo (atelier Romo)
  • Location
  • Project Date
    2019 (re-design)

The Basurto chair was designed to be part of a temporary exhibition set up by an art gallery from Los Angeles in Mexico City at the Basurto building (Condesa neighborhood with ArtDeco traditional buildings).

Conceived as a resting chair, it is manufactured using only three parts of a full plywood sheet of 3/4-in. For a full set or four chairs it would only take 3 sheets, which makes it replicable at a low cost. It's independent pieces are laid in the plywood sheet, cut and then put together progressively until its shape is formed. Some of these pieces work as the back, others as the seat, and others are the connecting pieces between them. In this case, the side covers, the only part that touches the floor, are made out of black methacrylate in order to obtain contrasting textures.

Silla Basurto is a discreet chair made to blend in.

Kiltro Polaris is a multidisciplinary project that –in collaboration with several mexican designers, architects, fine artists, and craftsmen– focuses in the design and construction of unique pieces from the integration of industrial and handcrafted processes as well as the most effective use of materials.