A Chairs

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    Winner in Outdoor chair
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    Chung Yuan Christian University
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When user start to interact with chair, it start to generate more appearance. Diverse color and different setting, it will become table, chair, bench, box or tube. With different user's feeling and acting, it will create multiple interaction possibility. At the same time, it present diverse, flexible, interesting and artistic character.
A chair that could modified according to environment setting. By pushing or pulling to make them four art installation pieces. The composition will be changed according to environment. With different viewer's experience, it start to generated unlimited imagination. It will fit in any kind of space and create interesting spatial experience.
The research is to try to design a prototype of furniture that could act and use with multiple purpose by simple manipulating within its design. The objective is to explore a new design direction of future furniture design under the circumstance of limit urban space. The Methodology is to explore the proper dimension and function to design a simple chair that take multiple role. The final design is a metal built colorful furniture that could make into four pieces of chair to use for different purpose.

About Yi-An, Hung : The scope of work includes interior design, architecture, landscape and so on. The main designer from Taiwan, quite enthusiastic and energy. With a simple design to achieve a great dream. I like to challenge social issues and try new materials. I believe there is a good design with a simple way. Implement the details of the design and pure. From the design hope to function and aesthetics combined. Use materials such as wood, stone, cement to show the design aesthetic.

Other prizes
2015 RED DOT : Communication Design : winner 2015 K Design :Space winner 2015 Golden pin design award:Space winner 2015 TDA:Space winner 2015 IDA design award Sliver award 2016 IF design award : winner 2016 K Design :Space winner 2017 A’Design Award : Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award: Golden award 2017 A’Design Award : Event and Happening Design Award: Golden award 2017 K Design :Space winner 2017 K Design :Space winner 2017 Golden pin design award 2017 Lighting Design Awards Professional Honorable Mentoion 2017 Singapore Interior Design Awards (SIDA) Honorable Mentoion 2017-2018 World’s Leading Designers #56 Designer of the World 2017-2018 World’s Leading Designers #4 Designer of the World 2018 Designer in Taiwan #44 2018-2019 Best Designers of the World #391