Golden Eagle G Hotel Nanjing

  • Prize
    Winner in Hotel Design
  • Company/Firm
    Yang Bangsheng&associates Grp
  • Designer
    Yang Bangsheng
  • Other Credit
    Client: Nan Jing Golden Eagle International Group
  • Location
    Nanjing, China
  • Project Date

Golden Eagle G Hotel Nanjing is located at the top of the world’s highest three-tower building and also Asia’s largest commercial complex. In line with the artistic level of the landmark, it stands at a height of 368 meters to present a top-class luxury and fashionable lifestyle. The interior design team define “trend” as the establishment of common cultural cognition beyond sensory stimulation. With this design philosophy, the designers combine Nanjing’s profound history and culture with modern trendy lifestyle to create a brand-new upscale and stylish hotel in China.

The winding Qinhuai River has witnessed the glamour and prosperity of the city, and nurtured countless backbone talents for the country. It is the most charming scenery of Nanjing as well as the source of inspiration for YANG’s design in the stylish and luxury G Hotel. From the profound history of Nanjing, the designer extracts Qinhuai Culture as the design theme, which corresponds to the brand’s DNA of fashion, vitality and freedom. Modern design approaches applied in the space allow elements from both past and present to echo, mix yet collide and challenge with each other, creating a new experience of life.