• Prize
    Winner in Conference table
  • Company/Firm
    Whiteid Gmbh &
  • Designer
    Andreas Hess
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Team Whiteid
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The INLINE table – an expression of contemporary collaboration.
The new table has a radical integrated design principle. The typical structural division into a tabletop and frame appears to have been completely discarded in this case. At the corners, the table’s surface slopes downwards and inwards and upwards and outwards with other parts of the frame again to form the table surface. The upwardly projecting shape of the table looks exceptionally appealing, understated and encourages interaction and collaboration. The transition points from the tabletop to the supporting structure are modeled organically and with complex surfaces. Due to their distinctive shapes, the frames and table tops flow seamlessly into one another. Angles, roundings and dimensions create a logic structure to ensure stiffness and light appearance in one piece of furniture. Even the outlets for multi-media equipment are integrated like subtle funnels into the table surface, while the space for connector panels is placed between the lengthwise underframes on the bottom. This table sets a unique design statement when you enter the room without being too flashy while working at, on or near by it.

1993 – 1997 Study in product design
1997 – 2000 KPG Design
2000 – 2002 Dieter Bakic Design
2002 – to date Partner / Managing Director of White ID GmbH+Co Kg
2003 – 2006 Lecturer in the principles of design technology
2004 – 2018 Head of design and brand management Concord GmbH
2014 Cooperation project HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd Prof. Sigmar Willnauer, Audi AG and White
2018 – to date mentoring of PG3/ PG4 semester project

“Through intuitive use, reduction and functions coupled with a self-evident emotional connection to the product, design can achieve a great deal for users and society.”

Other prizes
2006: Red Dot Award 2009: Focus Open, Silver 2010: Deutscher Designpreis Gold 2011: DESIGN PLUS Award 2012: GOOD DESIGN Award, IF Award 2013: German Design Award - Special Mention 2014: Focus Open – Special Mention, IF Award 2015: German Design Award, iF Award, Focus Open GOLD 2016: German Design Award – Special Mention, Focus Open – Special Mention 2017: German Design Award – Winner + Special Mention, Iconic Awards –Best of Best, iF Award, Focus Open Silver, Red Dot Award 2019: iF Award, Red Dot Award, German Design Award – Gold 2020: German Design Award - Gold, Red Dot Award, Focus Open Silver, iF Award