Conmere S

  • Prize
    Winner in City public area furniture
  • Company/Firm
    Ergo Design
  • Designer
    Ergo Design Team
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Ergo Design Team
  • Location
    Kraków, Poland
  • Project Date

The idea was to create a wide range of modular city furniture, using only a few elements. As every outdoor space is unique in size and layout; the aim was to make a solution tailored for architects and garden-users needs.

CONMERE ‘S’ is designed, for public spaces. It fits sustainably into the environment thanks to openwork structure providing space for the growth of flowers, grass and moss.

The shape of the module is minimalistic and meets technological criteria. The modules are made of lightweight concrete (GRC) reinforced with glass fiber. This material makes the modules lighter, much stronger, and slimmer. Can be transported easily, unlike than those made of regular concrete.

Production may be placed locally to reduce their carbon footprint. The pieces can be easily disassembled for relocation or reuse.

CONMERE S has been designed with attention to stages of product’s life cycle. The modular system makes it easy to transport, install and assemble. Repair is possible by replacing damaged parts with new ones.

These product is durable and visually evolve over time. Designed aging has a positive impact on the environment, as the product do not require chemical cleaning.

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