Maremico Showroom

  • Prize
    Winner in Commercial Design
  • Designer
    Vita Brovc, Monika Plemelj
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    prof.Jasna Hrovatin PhD., senior lect. Petra Kocjancic
  • Photo Credit
    Vita Brovc, Monika Plemelj
  • School
    Faculty of Design
  • Location
  • Project Date
    conceptual project
  • Web URL

In the 2021/22 school year, we were looking for innovative solutions for the showroom of the sleeping centre with third-year students. In the design, we wanted to achieve that various sensory perceptions will be included during the visit and purchase, which will affect the well-being of showroom visitors. The company gave the students, among other things, the following starting points: 10-15 double beds must be displayed in the showroom, room for a SmartBed, room for pillows, convenient storage, the store must have a reception desk and room for five workplaces, of which two are for consulting clients. The company also suggested that at least one of the beds be placed in an ambience that simulates bedroom furniture and that as many elements as possible be included. The goal was to affect perception through the senses: lighting effects, colours, sounds, smell, touch and taste. Their main wish was for customers to feel comfortable and relaxed as if in their own home. Mentors from the company and the faculty participated in the project. The company was very satisfied with the collaboration, as each project offered several original solutions.