CHALIDOR 700 Collection by Topoeo
CHALIDOR 700 Collection by Topoeo

About the SIT Furniture Design Award™

Our mission:

SIT Furniture Design Award™ exists to recognize, celebrate, and promote brilliant international Furniture Designers, Interior Designer, Brands, Manufacturers, Emerging talents as well as Visionaries enhancing our daily life with innovation.

Our core:

SIT Furniture Design Award™ focuses on “Seat and Beyond”, rewarding strategic thinking and imagination which goes into making great equipment.

SIT Furniture Design Award has created an “Innovation Center” focusing every year on 3 topics to highlight invention, look at today’s challenges and how to overcome them. The winner of the “Innovation Center” will receive a grant to realize a prototype or start the production.

The prize is open to submissions on a global level, accepting entries from Designers and Emerging Talent from all around the world.

Winners are selected by our esteemed jury of creative minds and leaders in the Industrial Designers world. They will receive the SIT trophy, a Digital brochure feathering their entry, be invited to the Bi-Annual winner reception as well as extensive publicity promoting their designs to a worldwide audience…and more benefits.

Who we are:

SIT Furniture Design Award is the sibling Award of LIT Lighting Design Award (LIT), International Design Awards (IDA), and European Product Design Awards ( ePDA) all focusing on Product Esthetic, Concepts & Enhancement, which have emerged as some of the most well-known Design Awards today.

SIT Furniture Design Award is a program under the 3C Awards, a leading organization curating and promoting design across the globe. The company represents today’s diversity and innovation in Lighting Design, Furniture Design, Interior Design, and Architecture. Each brand is a symbol of design excellence around the world, showcasing Professional and Emerging designer’s work to over 100 expert jury members.

Developed by Hossein Farmani and Astrid Hébert, 3C Awards is part of a larger organization 3C GROUP based in Switzerland and specialized in Awards, Marketing, Media, and Events. 3C Group is a sister company to Farmani Group, founded by Hossein Farmani. Farmani Group is a leading organization curating and promoting photography, design, and architecture across the globe since 1985.

3C awards is part of Three C Group GmbH, a Swiss-registered company based in Grabenstrasse 15a, 6340 Baar, Switzerland. More information is available on: www.3Cawards.com

The Farmani Group is responsible for many successful awards around the globe. Farmani Group organizes the International Design Awards (IDA), Architecture Masterprize, DNA, Paris Design Awards, London International Creative Awards, Prix de la Photographie in Paris, and the Annual Lucie Awards for Photography, which has emerged as one of the world’s most prestigious awards.