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Partnership with the SIT Design Award enables us to share your brand with a wide range of fellow professionals: opinion makers, business leaders, and dynamic corporate partners, all of whom value innovative thinking and corporate commitment to design.

We offer a number of unique ways to reach and engage with our huge international audience of industrial designers and interior design professionals, including:

    • Gain extensive visibility by having your brand on the SIT Award website, e-newsletter, in the yearly winners’ book, and across our social media.
    • Raise awareness of your business among our distinguished panels of judges — professionals at the very top of their game.
    • At the winner’s events, network with major players within the industry, creating important relationships and forming strong connections.
    • Branding opportunities at the event and also within event marketing materials, both pre-and post-event.

Sponsorship activities can be developed and tailored according to your specific needs. We will work with you to define your business objectives and communicate your message to the widest possible audience.

For more information and to receive a tailor-made offer, please contact info@sitaward.com.



BLT Built Design Awards program has a segment dedicated to emerging talents, offering a unique platform for students to promote their work. Their design will be showcased to well-established professionals, press representatives, and design experts.

We are looking at creating mindful partnerships with universities and design schools to provide students with access to our continuing education programs and support their professional launch.

Benefits for your university and school:

    • Provide a new platform to promote student work.
    • A unique opportunity to promote the university’s programs.
    • Recognition and prestige for the university.
    • Help enroll international students.
    • Media and press coverage with the university’s name.
    • Logo display on the SIT Award website, in newsletters, and the annual winners’ catalog.
    • Receive a promotional code for student submissions. Award-winning students bring exposure, recognition, and prestige to their institution.

Each student wants to make the most out of their studies and turn their degree into a dream job. Having their graduation designs and projects awarded will be a career booster.

Benefits for the students:

    • Award-winning students can apply for scholarships and grants.
    • Resume booster: help to create an outstanding curriculum vitae.
    • Help award-winning students find an internship.
    • Students’ work will be shown to a panel of professionals and industry experts.
    • Uplift student motivation.
    • Receive a winner’s asset package, that includes an achievement badge.
    • You are invited to the Winner’s Celebration Evening, with the opportunity to network with industry leaders.

Students receiving honors and international awards set their careers on the right path! Partnerships can be developed and tailored according to the specific needs of your university or design school.

Interested? Please download our 3C Awards University & School Partnerships deck and contact Stephanie Verdonck at partnerships@threec.group.