Pebble Bench by Will Jiang


The SIT Furniture Design Award is more than a single prize. Whether you design individual items of furniture, use furniture to create spaces, or have an innovative idea the world needs to know, your work will find a home here:

Furniture Design of the Year Award — Professional

Emerging Furniture Designer of the Year Award — Student

Interior Design of the Year Award — Professional

Emerging Interior Designer of the Year Award — Student

Innovation of the Year — Professional


Furniture Design of the Year: Professional

Emerging Furniture Designer of the Year: Student

The SIT Furniture Design of the Year Award and SIT Emerging Furniture Designer of the Year reward the work of professional and student furniture designers, with a focus on projects which improve and perfect the quality of design as demonstrated by their submission. Your work will find a home in the following categories:



Chair Executive chair Working chair
Dining chair Stacking Chair Stool
Barstool Armchair Chaise Longue
Lounge chair Bench Recliner
Couch & Sofa Console table Bean Bag



Bed Daybed Futon
Convertible Bed Hammock Bunk beds
Other Beds



Desk lamp Decorative Accent Lamp Designer & Custom Lighting
Energy Saving Lighting LED Lighting Products & Fixtures Ambient Lighting
Pendant Lighting Ceiling Lights Other Lights


Desk Computer desk Table
Office table Dining table Bedside table
Low table Coffee table Kitchen table
Conference table Folding table Reception table
Bar table Console table Bathroom vanity
Others Tables/desks



Baby & Child table Baby & Child chair Baby & Childbed
Baby Crib & Bassinet Baby playmat Other children furniture



Commercial furniture Office furniture Retail furniture
Bathroom furniture Bedroom furniture Living room furniture
Home office furniture Kitchen furniture Nursery furniture
Kids’ furniture Other furniture



Outdoor chair Outdoor Sofa & Bench Outdoor table
Swimming Pool furniture Garden furniture Public park & Public area furniture
Other outdoor furniture



Armoire & Closet Bookcase Cabinet
Wardrobe Carpet Rug & Runner
Curtains & Fabric Cushion Frame
Vase Mirror Accessories
Other Homeware



Interior Design of the Year: Professional

Emerging Interior Designer of the Year: Student

Without furniture, there would be no architectural, interior, or landscape design achievements. It is for this reason the SIT Awards seeks to recognize this crucial design process through the Interior Design of the Year Award and Emerging Interior Designer of the Year Award.

Using and applying the right furniture to a location is a skill which deserves recognition. Whether you are an interior designer, an architect, engineer, landscape architect or urban planner, if your project takes furniture and uses it to create a new space, atmosphere, or mood, then this award is for you:


House Interior Design Apartment Interior Design Residential Design
Office Design Retails Design Sales Office Design
Commercial Design Mixed-Use Building: Residential & Commercial Institutional Design
Hotel Design Bar Design Restaurant Design
Sport and Entertainment Spaces Design Conceptual Designs Exhibition Space Design
Public Space Design Zones and Rooms Design Others Interior Design



Innovation of the Year – Professional

Looking at challenges and seeking ways to overcome them is central to furniture design. For this reason, the SIT Furniture Design Award has created an Innovation Center, the winner of which will receive a grant of CHF 3000 to create a prototype or to start production.

Each year, a different topic will be chosen, focusing on projects which highlight invention, closely examine today’s challenges, and find ways to overcome them.

This year, the innovation center focuses on “Furniture with Innovative Materials”, the process of incorporating or using a material that improves resistance, sustainability, or functionality requires talent.

Innovative Materials are influencing and changing the world of Furniture design!

From advanced bamboo materials to upcycling furniture and recycled textiles, innovative materials are today at the center of Furniture design. Designers with an eye on the future are invited to submit their “Furniture Design” made of Innovative materials and introduce concepts that push the boundaries of the most fertile imaginations.



Submission tips to the SIT Furniture Design Award

We have created a list of the very best tips through the submission process, demonstrating in this step-by-step guide how to ensure your design entry is strong and will make a positive impact on the jury.

  • Complete your user/company profile. Our system provides an auto-generated invoice for your submission fees, so please add your company address, e-mail, VAT number, etc. Also, share your company information, and any previous awards and accolades you have won!
  • As we have an international jury panel, the project description, credits, and other information need to be written in English.
  • The entry description is one of the most essential parts of your submission. Ensure it is engaging and interesting, keeping it as short as you can, while still providing as much information as possible. Share the original idea for the design — the creative trigger — and how your project contributes to society or local communities, for example.
  • You can upload up to ten images with each entry. It is best to have a mix of images — some of which give an overall view of the product design, and others which are more close-up. Please keep in mind that if your submission wins an award, the cover image (the first image you upload) will be the one displayed on the website winners’ gallery and also in the annual SIT Digital Book. For these reasons, it is wise to choose an image that best represents your entry overall.
  • Don’t forget that you can also upload a PDF file with any additional project details, 3D drawings, product specifications, business plans, or any other information you may feel is important to share with the jury. This is done on the image upload stage of the submission.
  • Please credit all the designers who took part in the project. You can also add photographer and model credits as appropriate.
  • Each submission category has many sub-categories for you to choose from — and many entries would fit into multiple sub-categories. To increase your chances of winning, we recommend that you enter your work in more than one sub-category. A 50% discount is offered when entering your design in additional sub-categories.



Submission requirements

  • The project must have been completed within the last five years.
  • Provide a brief description of the design or implementation.
  • Provide a Designer/Student and/or Company Profile/University name.
  • Give names of those who need to be credited for the design or product (i.e. company, designer, engineer, mentor, professor, etc.).
  • Add up to ten images of your design, including an optional company logo.
  • Adding a product specification PDF, as mentioned above, is recommended if you think this adds extra information.