Folding chair by Jihong Lee

Call for Submissions: Enter the Highly Anticipated 4th Edition of the SIT Furniture Design Award.

May 25, 2023

SIT Furniture Design Award, a prestigious international platform dedicated to celebrating brilliance in furniture design and Interior Design, is delighted to announce that submissions for its 4th edition are now open. With a global reach and a mission to recognize, celebrate, and promote exceptional furniture makers, interior designers, brands, manufacturers, emerging talents, and visionaries, the Award honors those who enhance our daily lives with their vision.

Focusing on the concept of “Seat and Beyond,” the prestigious SIT Furniture Design Award celebrates the strategic thinking, imagination, and creativity that are instrumental in crafting remarkable furniture pieces. Encouraging designers to push the boundaries of design and explore new possibilities, this esteemed award sets the stage for global recognition and appreciation of exceptional talent.

Awarding excellence in both furniture and interior design, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming edition of SIT Furniture Design Award,” expressed Astrid Hebert, co-founder of the prestigious platform. “Last year, we received an overwhelming response with over 400 submissions from brilliant designers around the world. After such tremendous success, we eagerly anticipate the remarkable entries we will receive this year. Each submission brings its own unique perspective and ideas, and we can’t wait to witness the diverse range of exceptional designs that will shape the future of the industry. In this edition, we are particularly excited to reward a sustainable approach to design. We strongly believe in the power of design to create positive change, and we invite designers to showcase their innovative solutions that promote sustainability, eco-consciousness, and a harmonious balance between aesthetics and environmental responsibility.”

The esteemed jury panel of the SIT Furniture Design Award consists of influential professionals and includes Michele Blasilli, Senior Lead Designer at Swarovski; Rozina Spinnoy, Managing Director of Belgium Design Council; Steven Yeung, Founder of Kar; Lilian González-González, Industrial Design Academic Coordinator at Anáhuac University of México and Board Member at World Design Organization; Meghan Preiss, Manager of CX Design Integration at Delta Airlines and Board Member of World Design Organization, and Barend Slabbert, Programme Leader Interior Design at the University of Derby. They play a vital role in evaluating and rewarding entries across various furniture and interior design categories, contributing to the recognition and celebration of exceptional talent in the industry.

The award is open to submissions on a global level, welcoming entries from designers and emerging talents from all corners of the world. Whether conceptual designs, works in progress, or completed projects, SIT Furniture Design Award invites professionals and students alike to showcase their vision and craftsmanship.

To seize this exciting opportunity, designers are encouraged to submit their entries before the July 31st, 2021 early bird deadline and enjoy a 15% discount, making it the perfect chance to showcase their remarkable designs at reduced costs. From seating and lighting to tables, homeware, and outdoor furniture, the award celebrates diverse design expressions. For further details regarding the submission process, evaluation criteria, and important dates, please visit the SIT Furniture Design Award website at sitaward.com.