SIT 2020 Emerging Interior Designer of the Year, Meet Crystal Martin from Savannah College of Art And Design.

May 4, 2021

Prize acceptance from Crystal Martin, student of Savannah College of Art And Design for her Hotel Interior Design of “Le Fer Plat V”.

Meta-luxury, “luxury beyond luxury,” is a term coined by Manfredi Ricca and Rebecca Robins observing a cultural and economic paradigm of excellence based on purpose, knowledge, timelessness, and unique achievement through the four pillars of focus, craftsmanship, history and rarity.

The thesis relies on a historical and theoretical framework looking at wellness from a psychological, emotional, and sustainable perspective. The project entails a hypothesis that applies the meta-luxury guidelines to a luxury brand hospitality extension by telling the story of the “meta-luxury” experience.

The theme, relying on the theory of heterotopia, harmoniously combines a framework of a building, brand establishment, as well as aesthetics aligned from the same era in a modernized setting.

The project is a Louis Vuitton brand expansion into hospitality, the first Louis Vuitton boutique hotel, namely Le Fer Plat V, The Flatiron V. Japan opened to the West in 1854, the same time Louis Vuitton was founded. The concept of East Meets West draws on the inspiration of japonismé in a Louis Vuitton context as a nod to the alliance formed leading to their globalization.

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