SIT 2020 Furniture Design of the Year, Meet David Rockwell from Rockwell Group.

May 18, 2021

Meet David Rockwell, the Designer of Sage by David Rockwell for Benchmark!

Sage by David Rockwell began with a question: What does a person need to feel comfortable both at home and at work?

Adaptability, privacy, and wellness are key to establishing a sense of wellbeing in your personal space. Working closely with Benchmark and using sustainable, non-toxic materials and finishes, Rockwell Group’s collection is optimized for the workplace, but would feel at home in hospitality or residential space. Using biophilic design as a starting point, the collection features flexible pieces, many of which transform at the touch of a button or toss of a pillow to accommodate multiple uses.

The forms of our seating and tables are soft, supple, and supportive, emphasizing natural wood finishes and sustainable sourced upholstery materials. The pieces are made of a combination of ash and sycamore wood with blackened finished copper accent detailing and natural upholstery in layers of coconut fiber, natural latex, recycled shredded denim, and lamb’s wool.