Memphis Chair by noda designs inc

SIT Furniture Design Award announces the winners of the second edition!

March 29, 2022

Zurich, Switzerland – The 3C Awards Group is pleased to formally announce the winners of the 2nd Edition of the SIT Design Award.

The SIT Furniture Design Award was created to recognize the efforts of talented international furniture designers, interior designers, and decorators who use furniture in the design of their spaces. The SIT Award celebrates creativity and shares with the world the innovative visions of furniture and interior designers.

The jury panel composed of 24 talented and experienced professionals, industrial designers, interior designers, academics, and media representatives, have selected the winners from over 350 submissions from 47 countries.

The judges evaluated each project based on their own merit; rewarding the most pioneering and groundbreaking designs and selecting those which stand out, based on aesthetics, functionality and innovation.

At the SIT Design Award, we strive to support and promote not only inspired projects and innovation by professional designers but also fresh and stimulating work by emerging designers and students. This program will continue to define the future of excellence in the Furniture Design industry,” said Astrid Hebert, program director.

The range of work was as astounding as always, with honorees in Furniture Design including Tutti Bambini for the “CoZee XL” designed by Michael Samuel, Maytoni Gmbh for “Amulet” a decorative accent lamp, Vinci Design Studio with the “Mau” chair, Karim Rashid for the “Keen Sun Chaise” and Kitchoo SA showcasing “Kitchoo K9” a smart tiny kitchen. In terms of Interior Design, the program awarded Messana O’Rorke with the “Junegrass House”, Bolshakova Interiors winning in the apartment interior category with the “Renaissance Residence”, Studio GAIA with the design of “W Washington D.C. Hotel” and Weyell Berner Architekten for the “Green Marmot Kapselhotel Zurich” … just to name a few.

A full list of SIT Furniture Design Award winners can be viewed here.