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    Honorable Mention in Home office chair
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    Tatiisu Ltd,
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TATIISU, which literally means “standing chair” in Japanese, is a new type of chair without a seat surface. It revolutionizes the concept of "sitting"; TATIISU is a chair which enables leaning, rather than sitting. Having an extremely simple wooden and metal structure, TATIISU allows you to support your own body weight by standing on the base plate where the backrest and vertical supports are connected. Resting in this position is much healthier and better for the posture than either sitting or reclining.

In recent years, the health damages from sitting for long periods of time have been highlighted, and many studies have linked too much being sedentary with an increased incidence of cancer and a risk of heart disease. In order to prevent these problems, and also because of the positive effects of standing posture on the brain, the introduction of standing desks in office work is rising. TATIISU can now play an important role in the “standing workplace”.

Studied graphics at a design school in Nagoya and worked in the graphics field, while also practicing and working with sports instructors, caregivers, furniture shops, etc., and learning about the structure of the human body and structural mechanics in order to research the idea of tatiitsu.

TATIISU aims to reduce the time elderly people spend in bed,
and also offers a much healthier alternative to sitting for both the aged and the general population

Other prizes
German Design Award 2018 Winner