Fugue Series Furniture

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Coffee Table
  • Company/Firm
    Justin Bailey Design
  • Designer
    Justin Bailey
  • Location
    Bloomington, Indiana
  • Project Date

The Fugue Series draws its name from the musical term for a melody echoed back and forth. The chair merges a draped blanket of roll-able wood, flowing along a continuous steel tube frame, each moving on where the other leaves off. The tube frame references Bauhaus designer Marcel Breuer’s Cesca Chair.

The Fugue Set is fabricated using the Tambour process, laminating wood onto canvas. In this instance the tambour is performed on both sides of the canvas, with calculated angles so that the wood curves to conform to it's steel armature. A parametric modeling algorithm was designed to assist in the tambour bevel angle calculation so that the bending wood surface could conform to a variety of curve diameters in design and fabrication.

The set includes the Fugue Chair, Coffee Table, and Side Table.

Tamboured White Oak and Steel Tube

Fugue Coffee Table
40.5 cm x 107 cm x 42 cm
16” x 42” x 16.5”

Fugue Stool
25.5 cm x 33 cm x 38 cm
10” x 13 ”x 15”

Fugue Chair
45 cm x 63.5 cm x 81 cm
17.5” x 25” x 32”