• Prize
    Honorable Mention in Bed
  • Company/Firm
    Therapedic Australia
  • Designer
    Danny Stroud
  • Location
    Melbourne, Australia
  • Project Date
    10 August 2020
  • Project Link

Consumer research tells us people look for comfort, durability, value and made in a way that benefits the environment. Store's have so many options it's confusing plus it's often hard to justify the exorbitant prices and what if you don't like it after purchase?

Our solution is the new Nightide mattress. We've sourced innovative components that perform beyond anything we've seen before. We have the only soy oil based visco elastic comfort layer that is double sided so can be either luxuriously plush or extra supportive by easily rotating the topper, it takes all the guess work out. The soy oil makes it the most natural foam available and the open cell structure helps the foam "breathe" keeping the sleeper in a comfortable sleeping temperature. The plush side has Hemp and Bamboo yarns which is a first. Hemp's very strong, produces twice the fiber of cotton and needs less water to survive so the ecological footprint is minimal. Bamboo has natural moisture absorption so keeps you cooler. The supportive side has Linen fabric which is very durable and dries fast so very hygenic. The heavy duty pocket in pocket support system compliments the comfort layers and suits all body types.

We've been designing and manufacturing mattresses in Melbourne since 1996 and we supply to retailers/dealers all over Australia and Southern Asia. Innovation and superior quality is what our market demands and we deliver in spades! We are the only manufacturer who source materials from all over the globe including U.S.A, Spain, Italy, Asia and of course Australia making us an industry leader. Our suppliers produce materials with environmentally friendly practices and our designs combine practicality, comfort & aesthetically pleasing fabrics to ensure premium value for our consumers.