• Prize
    Honorable Mention in Others Tables & desks
  • Company/Firm
    Sand Product Design
  • Designer
    Uwe Schneider, David Ordway, Mohamed ElSharawy
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Janik Schneider
  • Other Credit
    Scene Props: T.Milenkov, D.Pavic, A.Rebolini
  • Location
    Egypt-USA Collaboration
  • Project Date
    August, 2020
  • Project Link

Once upon a time an engineer from Ohio bought a billiard table with dining top. After discovering that the model he bought was not quite right, and after he found out that about every model available in the market today has its own set of limitations, he decided to design a better product. Partnering with a great industrial design firm (SAND Product Design) that helped to move from simple sketches to a fully developed 3D concept, and with the visualization of the ideas with the help from friends and family the concept of TREBLE was brought to life, and a unique Dine and Play Table was born.

Sand is a product design firm that offers premium-quality product (Industrial) design services and partnership (we develop our own products and sell the finished design to investors) ,our firm is established in Egypt and targeting the Middle-East client market primarily and International clients secondarily. Our product design services is where we turn our clients’ product desires into final manufactured products that meet their business needs and deliver the right feeling to the end consumer. Sand Product Design firm offers designed products with, the artistic taste of Industrial designers.

Other prizes
European Design Award 2018 , Silver Prize European Design Award 2019 , Silver Prize European Design Award 2019 , Honorable Mention IF Design Award 2020, Professional Concept Winner German Design Award 2021, Special Mention