Black Diamond

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Coffee Table
  • Company/Firm
    Unimode Woodworking Inc.
  • Designer
    Arunas Zabielskas
  • Location

I Designed this coffee table with the vision of having table so it could fit in any shape room and the shape of the table could be changed every day in to the different format so it wouldn't be so boring and or have ability to make new look that would look unique every time.
Also my vision was to challenge solid wood shaping it in to the invisible joints so it would look like it was made out veneer or look actual water-fall invisible joint.
And always loved the idea of making anything out of actual wood that has the natural color we desire and don't need to add stain or any other coloring. So this table was made out of Solid Wenge wood 3/4" thick material.
2 pieces original shape I called Black Diamond and from their we could mix them in to many different shapes or have them apart as anyone would desire or fit their room.