• Prize
    Honorable Mention in Others seat & comfort
  • Designer
    Long Xiaoqing
  • School
    Hochschule Düsseldorf
  • Location
  • Project Date

Just imagining, from work to rest, there is a transition space in between. It is a hypothesis but it shows the change from one state to another. Squeeze is a series of furniture creating this space to help people relax after work.

It includes two parts, in soft and hard. The basic structure is made with one steel tube. It forms the overall shape. The cushions are squeezed into ergonomic shapes for human body. The contrast between materials achieve balance in some point. People are free to choose the color they like to finalise the design. It is a kind of joy.

Squeeze is varied between a sofa and a chair. It bridges two states in everyday life - working hours and personal life. When sitting on it, it starts to give the largest possibility of resting and relaxing. As a result, the transition of space realises.

Begin with drawing, Long starts to work with art and design. Accompany with her understanding, she tries to express her ideas in her own way. There are different perspectives that influences her inspirations, from abstract words to real materials. They are constructed visually into works. It is also important for Long that products could be played with joy. They are not only objects but also something alive, like one of her works “Ecliptic”. It is a movable lamp which inspired by linear sculptures and users could change to any angles they like.