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    Honorable Mention in
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    Albasa Design.
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    Lachlan Fahy
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Albasa is an adaptable desk and shelving system whose unique features allow users to professionally and confidently work from home.
A retractable backdrop blind and ring lamp ensure users look professional on video calls. When not in use, the desk can transform into space-efficient shelving.
The blind is held on arms and sits neatly in the frame. It can be rotated out and pulled down behind the user, providing a clean backdrop for use during video calls. The backdrop can be individualized with printed Logos or graphics.
The built-in ring lamp illuminates the users face with a flattering glow so they always look their best on camera. Modular shelves raise screens and cameras to the optimal height. These features allow users to be consistently professional regardless of their surroundings.
Albasa can transform into a set of shelves. The frame easily slides up on rails and locks in place in one simple motion. In this position Albasa takes up a third of the floor space without sacrificing functionality.
The shelves and mirror can be used as a vanity.The screen can be pulled down over the shelves to conceal clutter, be used as a projector screen, or lamp.

Lachlan Fahy is a trilingual product designer born in London and raised in Japan. He has a BFA in product design from Parsons School of Design in New York. Lachlan is driven by a passion for solving problems and creating beautiful objects in the process.