Sustineri Outdoor Chair

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Outdoor chair
  • Designer
    Ryley Ireland
  • Other Credit
    Professor Bekir Kelceoglu
  • School
    Syracuse University

The Sustineri Chair is a sustainable outdoor chair constructed of 100% recycled and upcycled materials. The main ingredient, HDPE, an extremely durable and weatherproof plastic that can be easily recycled. HDPE makes up the frame of the chair while the upcycled seatbelts add support for the upcycled boat cushions. The Sustineri chair is the perfect chair to add a pop of color to your outdoor furnishings while acknowledging the environment.

Each Sustineri Chair is a one-of-one. Every piece of the chair is made up of completely new plastics every mold. No boat cushion or seatbelt is the same. Highly unique, your own Sustineri chair will be the only one in its existence that looks the way it does. Wood joinery was a driving characteristic on how the chair would be assembled. Not only does the Sustineri chair introduce new ways to use recycled plastics but it can replace the use of pricey teak chairs and cheap plastic outdoor furnishings. The Sustineri chair is the perfect environmentally friendly chair to add to your outdoor furniture collection.

My work is driven by sustainability and innovation that is influenced by the characteristics of my surrounding environment. Exploration of small projects spark my creativity of building larger, more impactful projects. Hard work and determination define how I challenge design problems and create a solution. My passion for the design world and urge to learn more grows greater everyday.