The Wheely

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Dining Table
  • Company/Firm
  • Designer
    Tommy Yeung
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Annette Chu
  • Other Credit
    Calibrator: Jesse Hao
  • Location
    Hong Kong
  • Project Date
    May - August 2020
  • Project Link

A round dining table is a centrepiece in the oriental family house. A dining table is a social dimension to connect people. Dining is a time for family, friends and working partners to converse. A traditional oriental round dining table usually has a revolving disc above the tabletop for serving the meal. The Wheely intends to reform a traditional round dining table to a neat, transformable and versatile round dining table in Asian. The Wheely has a 2m built-in revolving disc to create a unified surface for dining instead of adding an extra “Lazy Susan” above the table.
To expand the social space, two outer rings are installed to activate the revolving disc. Having a stable tabletop with two light outer rings, a craft-made tongue and glove joints are specially designed for the table.
The table diameter shall be enlarged up from 2m to 3m serving from 8 people to 12 people. Two asymmetrical outer rings are treated as an art-piece with refined patina paint to be hung on the wall. From a horizontal to vertical surface, two outer rings play a part in defining a sense of scale to the dining space.