Fabian &CO

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    Honorable Mention in Home office furniture
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    Modernform Group Public Company Limited
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    Product Development Center
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Fabian &CO, easy-ergonomic chair
With sustainability & environmental responsibility in mind, we wanted to design something that would make the most of the materials that goes into producing a typical chair, by reducing unnecessary parts and giving the leftover pieces a new function.
Fabian &Co. is a new alternative to the so-called ergonomic office chair. We observed that the typical canteen chair’s seat depth is too deep, so by shortening the seat, this single typical canteen chair becomes a couple.
“Fabian” is an office chair whose proportions have been pared down to a minimum while still complying to ergonomic requirements; with a shorter seat, the user is encouraged to sit in a straighter, more correct posture with their back straight against the backrest. The armrest pad is sized enough to support the elbow, which can swivel around 360', reducing wrist strains that are often caused by the desktop devices using.
The leftover pieces, &Co, is re-designed into a multi-purpose companion piece that can act as an extra stool for someone else to use, or an ottoman where the user can rest their legs. It can even be used as a small side table to suit the user’s work & living activities

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Other prizes
2022: iF Design Award / 2021: Good Design® Awards, European Product Design Award(Honourable Mention), DNA Paris Design Award, SIT Furniture Design Award, Golden Pin Design Award, Sky Design Awards Shortlisted / 2020: Red Dot Award: Design Concept, European Product Design Award, DNA Paris Design Award, Sky Design Awards Shortlisted, Design Excellence Award (DEmark) / 2019: European Product Design Award / 2012: GOOD DESIGN AWARD (G Mark), Design Excellence Award (DEmark) / 2010: Good Design® Awards