BIDRI coffee table

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Coffee Table
  • Designer
    Monoranjan Ghosh
  • School
    School of Planning and Architecture,New Delhi
  • Location
  • Project Date

The fusion between time and design the Bidri coffee table is created, it’s not only a piece of furniture but it’s a story of those craftsmen who are practicing these crafts for so many ages. It’s an expression of their everyday life and how their life is shaped around this wonderful craft. The craft is an amalgamation of the craft from the middle east and the people skills of bidri. Its striking inlay metalwork is prized as a symbol of wealth. Bidri coffee table is a fusion of historical craftsmanship and modern form which celebrates the evolution of Indian craft in modern ways. The table has three tapered wooden legs, ash wood black stain finish holding a walnut bevel wooden top with a Bidri inlay to give the piece a story of Indian craftsmanship and a symbol of wealth. It has a floating ash wood black stain bottom shelf with an MS circular hollow powder-coated Y frame. As 80% of the piece is made of locally available materials make it a perfect example of sustainability. The circular top makes it approachable from 360’. The idea is to create a coffee table that can blend in the modern interior. a sense of elegance in the piece makes it adaptable in any space.

I am an architect and pursuing an industrial design student. I am passionate about designing. Enthusiastic and profound in my work. I always try to look for an opportunity to create a simple yet aesthetically appealing design that is functional. I am a keen learner to embrace opportunities and explore. I love designing and its process.

Other prizes
kaarigari furniture design award 2021. this competition celebrates Indian craftsmanship through furniture. How Indian craftsmanship can be promoted and evolved as per the modern trend and contemporary needs of the market?