The Notion

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Coffee Table
  • Company/Firm
    L'Atelier Fantasia
  • Designer
    Reding Ho
  • Web URL

Studying the ideas of French post-modernist philosopher Gilles Deleuze at the intersection of philosophy and art, he explores his diverse structuralism and metaphysics, intervening perception and logic in aesthetics, constructing and designing each work from the nature of things.

The Notion is inspired by abstract thought forms, and the irregular spheres are stacked into columns, interpreting the rational design vocabulary through the cold stone, and conveying a warm touch via the colorful glossy lacquer material, expressing the primitive state of the senses. The irregular surface of the sphere resembles a bubble of boiling water, creating a sense of visual flow under the refraction of light. The colored spheres in the middle symbolize the perception and difference of things, expressing the strong style of artist Reding Ho.

The main visual focus is on the irregular glossy spheres, which reflect different ripples from different light sources no matter what angle you look at. The round and balanced shape of the side table can fully integrate with the surrounding space, and the low-profile but eye-catching appearance becomes the artwork in the space.

Idan Chiang, the founder of the L'atelier Fantasia, has been praised by many international brands and high-end real estate clients for his scattershot aesthetic that blends neoclassical and modern styles. Her major in sociology allows her to remain sensitive to the pulse of society and the needs of the people; she also integrates culture and art in the space, creating a living and public space with a humanistic mindset and sense of the times through the integration of organizational systems.