Sven Dining Table

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Furniture Design
  • Company/Firm
    Douglas Design Studio
  • Designer
    Jeffrey Douglas
  • Photo Credit
    Mike Chajecki
  • Location
    Toronto, Canada
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This outdoor table was conceived for a client, refurnishing their house in California, who had fallen in love with a credenza from our studio furniture line and wanted to take the inspiration outdoors.
The main characteristic fascinating the client was the slatted, finger-jointed wood pattern. Inspired by Japanese screens, it adds intrigue to function. In order to translate the configuration to a table surface, some structural challenges had to be mastered. The semi-open, airy, slatted wood top is now supported by a black aluminum framework providing a light-weight muscular armature. A curved base softens the contrasting rectilinearity and reveals add visual tension. The relationship between the slats and the base makes for an intriguing contrast in its play with negative space. To prevent items from falling through the slats, the table receives a piece of glass on top.
The Iroko wood species is extremely hard and dense. It does not swell, split or crack even in extreme temperatures or changing humidity levels. The stainless-steel base provides additional protection from environmental hazards to the wood.
With its sizable measurements of 16'L x 4'W x 30"H, the table seats 16-18.

Douglas Design Studio was established in 1995 by Jeffrey Douglas to focus on creating interiors that perfectly express the homeowner’s own style.

We believe that, whether casual or formal, elegant or edgy, your home’s interior must reflect who you are and how you live. Along with infinite creativity, we bring both energy and order to your project. The result is an interior that is both comfortable and beautiful, filled with personal mementos, treasured accessories and furniture pieces.

Other prizes
International Design and Architecture Awards Association of Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) Awards