Stelaris Site Lighting

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    Honorable Mention in Innovation of the Year
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    Max Beach
  • Other Credit
    SPJ Lighting
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    United States
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This unique collaboration is the market’s first and only site lighting family of products to combine designer aesthetics with the precision and durability of precast concrete. Comprised of three types of site lighting products, Stelaris provides a wide array of elegant, and durable solutions for all types of private and public spaces.

The small uplights are ideal for illuminating landscape features and signage. They offer four different light intensities and an adjustable lens to set just the right mood. Small but powerful, they are capable of throwing enough light to illuminate a 75-foot palm tree but can be used for wayfinding signage as well.

Stelaris pathway lights are perfect for lighting sidewalks and other walkways. Available in 18”-30” heights, they provide bright and reliable unidirectional lighting.

And the lighted bollards provide 360 degrees of powerful illumination. Although built heavy-duty enough to block auto traffic, they offer designer-level visual appeal.

Creative problem solving is the core to our business. Our Partners and design staff thrive on opportunities to challenge conventions and pursue one of a kind design solutions. We are inspired by our clients, their missions, and their projects. Every project presents a new challenge giving us the opportunity to learn, explore, and realize new possibilities. We wouldn’t have it any other way.