EVE Table

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Furniture Design
  • Company/Firm
    American Contractors & Engineers
  • Designer
    Ralph Hage

EVE Table is a multi-purpose table with practical proportions, ergonomic design, and a unique character which can be used in various settings such as in living rooms, dining rooms, lobby areas, conservatories, and libraries, among others.
The seemingly hidden nature of its function as a table with chairs differentiates it from the status quo.
Additional comfort is provided as a result of the subtle backward slant of the seats and rounded backrests of the Eve Chairs which embrace the user.
The oak wood table frame surrounds the main element, the apple. The natural texture and veins of the wood are exposed. The apple, made of brass, claims visual superiority when juxtaposed with the wood, and acts as a visual display of the passing of time in all of its splendor.
The brass inlay on the sides of the chairs suggest that they are but part of the total table, even when separated.
Even with the absence of the chairs, the complete apple is perceived in the void.
No element is complete without the other and any isolated element is part of a greater whole.