Tritine accent table

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Furniture Design
  • Company/Firm
    Revise Products LLC
  • Designer
    Stephan Bianchi
  • Lead Designer(Other)
  • Other Credit
    Sean Monaghan
  • Photo Credit
    Stephan Bianchi
  • Location
    Santa Cruz, California
  • Project Date
    September 2021
  • Client

The Tritine accent table is intended to play well alongside pieces by Noguchi, Jacobsen and other mid-century designers. It pairs particularly well with Haywood-Wakefield pieces.

Three bronze vanes, reminiscent of propellor blades, flow together at the base. They grasp a glass disk like the setting of an engagement ring grasps a stone. Beneath the disk, the vanes are relieved by a semi-ellipsoidal void. The interior curves reflect light from above, contrasting with the vertical outer surfaces.

The table is 20” tall, with a 9” diameter, 3/8” thick top.

When shopping in Palm Springs, I’d seen the Solitaire* table. I liked the idea of a tall narrow table heavily weighted at the bottom to prevent tipping, but to me, it seemed crude and unattractive, and the prongs did not grip the top solidly.

I sketched a number of alternatives, then created a number of SolidWorks models. When I settled on one that seemed right, I printed one vane and had Sean Monaghan, a local art founder, cast three and weld them together. I ordered and fitted the glass top in September of 2021.

US and EU pats pending


I studied product design at Art Center’s European campus in Switzerland.
I’ve worked for a number of studios in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in Paris and Milan as well. I’ve made models and prototypes for corporations and for independent inventors.

I’ve studied film-making and have a rhetoric degree.

I’ve worked as a mechanical designer for Caliper Techologies, pioneers of Lab-on-a-Chip biochemical assay equipment, and for Sentient Energy, making on-line power monitors.

Now, I’m on my own, designing and patenting furniture, low-tech consumer products and other equipment.