• Prize
    Honorable Mention in Furniture Design
  • Designer
    Astin Mahlev
  • Photo Credit
    Michael Shvadron | Ori Shifrin Anavi | Tom Man
  • School
    Shenkar College of Engineering and Design
  • Location
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Iconic furniture design chairs inspired my contemporary version of the Windsor chair: the Hill House 1 Mackintosh chair, the famous Windsor chair, and the Rietveld Red and Blue chair.

The Windsor 22 chair has a strong presence in space. its not just a functional chair but is used as a conversation piece, celebrating the presence of an object. The tall back is expressive, giving a royal feel and expression and providing a straight sitting position due to the back's angle. The design introduce small changes to the classic Windsor chair, resulting in a cleaner and more dynamic structure and appearance.

Using flat strips of wood rather than the traditional round profile results in less time and material-consuming chairs. Inserting the flat wooden strips into the seat makes the middle rail redundant. This design decision provides the strength to hold a human back with its geometric lock.

The strings in the bottom part of the chair are connected to a cross stretcher, giving extra strength to the chair. The side spindle thickness is taken backward in the chair for a fresh design approach and to connect to the cross stretcher at the right angle.