Stulio Critique Stul

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Furniture Design
  • Designer
    William Downs, Maggie Majerus, Zheyuan Zhang, Manuni Dhruv, Melanie Coulter
  • Photo Credit
    William Downs, Manuni Dhruv, Maggie Majerus
  • School
    Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Location
    College of Design Building, Georgia Institute of Technology
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The Stulio Critique Stul is an elegant stool created for the sole purpose of critiquing student design work. This stool was designed to fit the language of the College of Design building at the Georgia Institute of Technology. This can be seen through the wave-like wood panel design, which matches the large wood installation in the building. The cutout is specifically designed to fit the railing in the building. The stool is made of only 0.75 inch oak plywood and a coating of polyurethane. It's held together tightly by friction due to its lattice construction.

This stool was chosen above others to be manufactured and implemented in the building. The space is used for student presentations and critiques. Usually, the students have to take the chairs from a nearby studio in order to sit. After the critique, they have to move the chairs back. The College of Design wanted a permanent solution that would live in this atrium. The solution we came up with was a stool that's easily manufactured and can be put away easily. By placing the stools along the railing, it also creates an eye-catching display when you walk into the building.