Dim to Warm Architectural grade LED Bulbs

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Innovation of the Year
  • Company/Firm
    LTF Technology
  • Designer
    Shoubert Makanoeich
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We proudly designed and manufacture a complete series of Dim to Warm Architectural grade LED Bulbs, which offer exceptional benefits to interior designs of residential, retail, and hospitality lighting applications. Some of the benefits include:
- High Color Accuracy, CRI 94+, R9 90+ & TM30~98
- Patented LED technology that would enhance the visual of every type of surface and material, such as wooden furniture, textile and natural stones.
- High color accuracy light output designed to interact perfectly with skin tone and both natural and synthetic products without oversaturating the color hues.
- Healthier light source for vision and well-being overall due to three main features built into these bulbs:
a) Lower blue light for healthier vision
b) Higher content of red light for healthier skin and mood
c) No visible flicker and excellent flicker index 0% for MR16.
- Human Centric dim to warm built-in features that mimic the Halogen Incandescent bulbs effect by creating a warm and cozy ambiance with 1800K 90CRI when dimmed.

These LED bulbs are offered in several models; MR16, GU10, PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38. All the bulbs include our patented Quantum Lux COB LED as a light source.