• Prize
    Honorable Mention in Furniture Design
  • Designer
    Lihi Dunsky
  • Other Credit
    Pini Leibovich, Yiftach Zdafee
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A design that redefines a familiar iconic form by disassembling and assembling it in a new composition. The design examines how different CMF shapes are influenced by culture, period and space.
The stool is made of the same part that repeats twice and is laminated from mdf layers 2.5 mm thick, during the pressing itself each part received a lower part that creates a stable point of contact with the ground and eliminates the need for tying. The two parts connect to each other with industrial screws.
The emphasis in the design process was on aesthetics, accuracy and attention to the negative spaces created between the two parts.
The use of mdf layers allows different options of CMF with the help of different veneers, different colors and the combination of both.
The two parts "lean" on each other in a relaxed manner and together create a high structural strength that allows stable sitting on the stool.
The choices made put the stool at the center of the scale between unique and industrial and make it a useful everyday product with added value.