Deer Park Memory Care

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design
  • Designer
    Tony Wu
  • School
    Savannah College of Art and Design
  • Location
  • Project Date

Are you afraid of forgetting?Not your keys, but everything around you, everyone who has been in your life, all the happiness and sadness you have experienced. All vanished now to dust. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Sadly, according to some research, one in 9 adults ages 45 or older report confusion or memory loss, and more than 5.8 million Americans 65 years or older had Alzheimer's disease.

And the sad truth about this disease is that you will not be getting your memory back once you have been diagnosed. Such a cruel truth would break your heart. That being said, why not offer the patient a brand-new life, instead of trying to redo all the forgotten experiences, many attempts which will prove fruitless. Perhaps we could help patients recognize a new self in an environment different from their usual reality. Here, those suffering memory loss could seek and recognize a self-in a world far away from the chaos. Let me introduce that fantasy world, the Xanadu.