• Prize
    Honorable Mention in Furniture Design
  • Company/Firm
    Nuno Matos Cabral Design Studio
  • Designer
    Nuno Matos Cabral
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The project Metamorphose consists of three sideboards where the transformation of the raw piece of wood (Metamorphosis I) begins its transformation (Metamorphosis II) ending in a piece inspired by the 50's (Metamorphosis III). The stylus feet with metal tips and the absence of handles bring the pieces into the XXI. The aim of this triptych is to draw attention to the transformation of wood into pieces with history. They were created with sustainability in mind, in its various aspects, so they were produced in pre-composite and not in solid wood, avoiding the massive cutting of trees.

"We are a product and interior design studio, obsessed with design, details and sustainability. We are always looking for new challenges, since 2001.

A designer must be disruptive, must look for answers in the most unusual places or objects, must be curious with all that surrounds him, must learn from the past, question the present in order to provide answers for a better future. After all, design is like a living organism, always in constant mutation."

Other prizes
Special Mention by German Design Council.