• Prize
    Honorable Mention in Furniture Design
  • Company/Firm
    Atilim University
  • Designer
    Dilsa Gunaydin Temel
  • Lead Designer(Other)
  • Other Credit
  • Photo Credit
    Dilsa Gunaydin Temel
  • Location
    Ankara, Turkey
  • Project Date
  • Client

While R-dio was designed, it was inspired by the radios used 20-30 years ago. It is a retro-style design that is gaining popularity again today. In particular, a reference was made to the radio with its soft lines and an antenna-like lighting fixture. Apart from all these, it has a compact structure and offers the user more space to use next to the bed, as it has a phone holder on a plate, a sound system, and an elegant lighting element. The massive body is painted with wood oil (wax oil). Handle recess was obtained by carving wood, It was carried out to take the mold in one piece. On the top surface of the bedside table, a marble plate is carved from a single piece and there is a channel in the middle of it. The material of the lighting fixture (with white plexiglass lighting cap) and legs is black textured colored metal. It has a channel inside the marble plate on the top of the nightstand that allows the lighting fixture to move left and right and rotate 360 degrees. However, if the lighting fixture is far from the bed, the keys to turning the lighting on and off, the phone socket, and the speaker that works with Bluetooth are located on the left side of the marble plate.