Shadow Cast - Bunny Light

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Furniture Design
  • Designer
    Marc Huenerwadel
  • School
    Miami Ad School Berlin

The concept of the lamp was inspired by backlight cloud shapes, which resemble traditional shapes used in shadow play theaters. Shadow play puppet theaters are mostly used to tell stories to kids, leaving room for them to interpret the shapes with their imagination.

The intention was to capture the beauty of being able to tell a story with only silhouettes and a single source of light.

Giving the consumer a starting point to enter their creativity and acting as a daily reminder to keep the inner child alive.

Inspired by this unique cloud shape, my concept was to use the power of 3D modeling in Blender to create a playful interior product. To be precise, a lamp.

The lamp does not only add a nice unique touch to one's home, but also has some utilitarian features. The lamp's design features a unique rail, which allows for storage of items such as keys.

The model can be printed or cast in different materials. Making it accessible to everyone