Torch toilet

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Furniture Design
  • Company/Firm
    Star Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Designer
    Masaya Ogiyama
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Star Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Photo Credit
    Toshiyuki Kuroha
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“Torch toilet” is an armchair with built-in toilet, and it is a collaboration amongst three companies who are keen to create a compost toilet that changes people’s perceptions of sanitary objects. The project was originally initiated in order to solve the problem in care homes where one has to have a toilet in the bedroom. Portable toilets often release offensive odours and are aesthetically displeasing.

Using the Acidulo compost decomposition method we have developed, the Torch toilet efficiently decomposes more than 85% of human waste into water and carbon dioxide gas within 24 hours. The remaining substance can be used as high quality compost. The system is waterless and does not require pumping or purification of sewage.

In order for a composting toilet to be accepted in a domestic setting, much sophisticated details that could only be crafted by the highly skilled woodworking manufacturer have been added. The collaboration made it possible to create a compost toilet that is also a beautiful piece of furniture. The Torch toilet will change people’s perception and open up new possibilities for composting products.

Studied graphics at a design school in Nagoya and worked in the graphics field, while also practicing and working with sports instructors, caregivers, furniture shops, etc., and learning about the structure of the human body and structural mechanics in order to research the idea of tatiitsu.

TATIISU aims to reduce the time elderly people spend in bed,
and also offers a much healthier alternative to sitting for both the aged and the general population

Other prizes
German Design Award 2018 Winner European Product Design Award 2019 International Design Award 2020