On Sorn

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Furniture Design
  • Company/Firm
    Dessearch Co., Ltd.
  • Designer
    Thitivut Adirek, Panithi Ruengjintana, Jirat Ruensuk
  • Photo Credit
    Photographer Thitivut Adirek, On-Sorn Product shot, 2022.
  • Location
    Bangkok, Thailand
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The stool made from industrial waste from paper and tape cutting factory. The main materials including "Molded wood core plug" from jumbo roll paper and "Industrial cardboard paper tube" from tape slitting machine. The stool designed to be structure by using only rope tension. The On Sorn stool was inspired by Northeast Thailand's wisdom of drum rope tensioning. The unique pattern created by tensioning drum reflex iconic visual as graphic. The rope tension itself hold leather drum face to it's structure and tune the sound to your preference. All the stool parts are held together by using the technique of rope pulling to tighten the part together; The Molded wood and drilled Industrial cardboard tube being pull together by rope and with metal joint support which helps keeping the angle parallel with the ground create a stable structure for sitting and unique graphic pattern. As for the cushion the pad can be tie up with a rope structure make it easy to removed for cleaning.