• Prize
    Winner in Designer/Custom Lighting
  • Company/Firm
    Kitely Kianoosh Design
  • Designer
    Peter Kitely
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Kianoosh Kavoosi
  • Location
    Perth Wa Australia
  • Project Date

Kitely Kianoosh Design is an Award Winning, Perth Western Australia based studio. We work across a range of activities including fee for service work and with overseas furniture manufacturers.
Part of our practice focusses on furniture and lighting collections; initiated, designed, manufactured and marketed ‘in-house’. In this aspect of the practice we believe in utilising the skills and knowledge of local crafts practitioners and manufacturers.
Introducing the ‘Ostra’ Light, a recent addition to our range of lighting products. The inspiration for the design is derived from nature. The contrast of textures. The sense of the oyster shell protecting the precise, valuable pearl within. This informs both the product form and the product to be designed.
Inspiration. Textured shell. Protecting the precious nacre layers forming within. Open, the pearl is revealed.
The ‘Ostra’ Light creates a warm ambiance and evokes a luxurious pearl nestled in a chic oyster.
Components: aluminium powder coat & anodise / white glass
Dimension: 1630 mm (H) x 760 mm (W) x 380 mm (D)
Power 240v / foot switch / globe 220/240v 5.5w E27
Customisation of colour and finishes ava