• Prize
    Winner in Bed
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  • Designer
    Hans Sandgren Jakobsen
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RotoBed®Home rotates the user from sleeping position towards the floor in a chair position – or vice versa. The whole process takes less than one minute. RotoBed®Home enables people with pain/disabilities to get in and out of bed with little or no help, and with less or no pain. Some users become entirely self-reliant. They go to bed or get up whenever they want without waiting for help from caregivers or relatives. They stay mobile longer and experience more dignity and higher quality of life. RotoBed®Home can be individually customized and is designed by award-winning furniture designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen.

Design: We chose to involve the award-winning furniture designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen in recognition of the fact that many health aids look like hospital fixtures, constantly reminding the user of his/her illness or disability. Innovation, aesthetics and functionality are the key words that Hans Sandgren Jakobsen emphasizes most during his design process.

All electrical components and control boxes are of the highest quality from global company LINAK. The accuracy of the actuators is very important.