D-Drum stool

  • Prize
    Winner in Stool
  • Company/Firm
    Deap Design LLC
  • Designer
    Anna-Pia Slothower
  • Location
    Sausalito, CA
  • Project Date


A playful stool which is both functional and decorative - by itself and when stacked in 4 or 8 or more high...
Injection molded in recycled plastic with a muted color palette.

The name D-Drum comes from its resemblance to a Doric drum, a section of a Greek column.

The D-Drum stool is meant to be a versatile piece that can find many uses at different times of the day, week or season; a shower stool, a bed-side table, a set of extra stools for guests, in the hallway for putting on your shoes, in the backyard around a picnic table.

Just like with the Greek columns, the vertical grooves bring an elegant texture to the large vertical sides and at the same time give the stool rhythm and lightness.
The stool stacks easily thanks to the legs being attached to the outside of the seat and the grooves make the stack turn an even 10 degrees into a perfect upward spiral.