Chair of Soul

  • Prize
    Winner in Armchair
  • Company/Firm
    Cherng's Work
  • Designer
    Wen-jenq Cherng
  • Location
    Taipei City, Taiwan

“Chair of Soul” is my entry point of use as a starting point for design thinking. Since I have long been practicing meditation for destressing and calming my body and mind, I am hoping the design of the chair could reflect a completely relaxed condition for the body. Overall design is thereby focused on its function, where the user would sit upright on the chair and his/her upper-body weight be perfectly supported through the height of the chair, the backrest at the waist, and the armrests. The curvature of the slightly bulging backrest embraces the body; this waist-supporting chair design offers supports for the human body, so that tensions around user’s shoulders, neck, waist, and limbs would all be relieved – user would be welcomed with a comforting sensation similar to a hug.

When producing a hereditary chair, what is more important than ensuring its functions is finding ways to incorporate visual aesthetics. I am using Chinese traditional Ming Dynasty style furniture as my blueprint, borrowing its elegant and simple exterior design and principles on proportion.